Terms of Service

By signing up for an account on this website (www.bento.africa), any of our websites and/or services, you are deemed a user and agree to these Terms of Service (the "Agreement").

Agreement Overview

This Agreement represents a Service Level Agreement ("SLA '' or "Agreement") between Bento Labs INC ("Bento '') and the served organization for the provisioning of Payroll and HRM services.

Scope of Service

Bento will provide the user with

The Payroll Service for the purposes of 

  • Calculating payroll and its associated liabilities for business; 
  • Processing payroll and making salary payments to employees; 
  • Remitting taxes, pensions and healthcare payments as the case may be

The HRM Service for the purpose of

  • Managing job openings and hiring
  • Onboarding and Separating employees
  • Managing employee data
  • Appraisals management
  • Leave management

We will do our best to make this the best Payroll and HRM product around while keeping it simple and very easy to use.


Account Administrator(s) or Authorized Representative shall approve and submit the Payroll Information, thereby authorizing Bento to create and transmit credit or debit entries (the "Entries") necessary to process the organization's payroll, payroll pension and tax transactions.

Service Agreement and Support

We will be responsive. We will be available to help if you ever need anything. Technical help or answers to your questions.

We will notify you of any scheduled maintenance to make sure you always have the best experience when interacting with the product.

If there are any changes to the product, we will communicate them with you


Transaction Fees

A transfer fee for each employee per payroll run plus a one-time transaction fee of N2000 per payroll run. The employee transfer fees are calculated based on the net salary transferred to them using CBN's graduated transfer fee scale.

SaaS Fees

N0 for a minimum of 6 months from the date of this agreement (at signup), after which time Bento reserves the right to charge N3,000 for use of service.

Fees will be automatically charged at the point of processing payroll

Term, Termination and Suspension

We will never take you for granted. We will continue to put in the hard work to make sure you continue to get even more value from Pay.

If you ever feel like this is not the product for you, you can simply stop using. No questions asked.